Guided Tour through the Exhibition Bohemians from Montparnasse on 7 April at 6 pm at the Photon Gallery Vienna.

The guided tour with two of the curators of the exhibition Michaela Bosakova and Dejan Sluga will give an indepth view into the situation in visual arts and photography during the 20´s and the 30´s in Paris.
We will take you through the day with the biggest names in the history of arts, music and film captured in amazing images by Jean Cocteau. Hidden stories and discoveries of connections among these artists and friends!
We will also introduce you to the work of Veno Pilon, who lived on Montparnasse a decade later, not far from Cocteau´s apartment, and who also met those as well as other „celebrities“ of this magic and fascinating time!

The exhibition is open until 16 April 2016.