Boris Farič solo exhibition Topographia Sloveniae Relictae in frames of this year’s Month of Photography in Bratislava

4 November – 30 November 2013

Opening reception: Tuesday, 4 November at 16.30 pm

Embassy of Republic of Slovenia in Bratislava

Ventúrska 5, 81315 Bratislava

A solo exhibition by Slovenian photographer Boris Farič in the gallery of Slovenian Embassy brings together two of his ongoing series of photographs, both dedicated to documenting more or less significant cultural heritage following the distinctively topographical approach. In the past few years he photographed number of decaying castles and ruins of castles and fortresses in Slovenia. It is a sort of photographic travelogue inspired by 17th century book by poly-historian and nobleman Janez Vajkard Valvasor who invested his entire fortune to produce and publish an extensive topography of Carniola, nowadays part of Slovenia, documenting cities, churches and castles. Farič follows the references from the book to locate and document particular castles, however, he focuses only on those, whose fate is to likely collapse forever. However, beside being systematic, the photographer is also very poetic. For him the of castles reflect synergy of the landscape, urban compliance and charm of timelessness which are invaluable source for displaying cultural identity of this area.