2 September – 3 October 2014

Photon – Centre for Contemporary Photography

(Trg prekomorskih brigad 1, Ljubljana)

The Jebodrom series of photographs by Jaka Babnik stem from his ongoing sociological and anthropological research from a perspective of active observer, documentarian and commentator of urban and suburban public spaces. He documents spaces (usually) on the margins of the urbanity, the invisible places that despite being seemingly deserted have very particular functions. In his creative process he refers to long and rich history of landscape photography and landscape painting and graphic art that has left profound traces in contemporary art. The artist thus sublimates marginal, neglected and unsavoury places which became his primal focus and makes them visible. He therefore creates entirely new accent to this omnipresent phenomenon.

Jebodrom is a slang expression, used mostly in the Balkans, which stands for the locations that are known for being used by people to have adventurous outdoor sex in a public space. Beside the most obvious remains of very peculiar waste the artist in his photographs focuses on the locations themselves. Empty spaces emphasize these specific phenomena of modern society and raise number of questions about adultery, recreational adventurous sex or simply suggesting to the lack of a private space.