Stane Jagodič

Stane Jagodič (born in 1943) has been active in various fields, media and contexts of visual art since the mid 1960s. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana in 1970, he soon became one of the most active and important artists with his own recognizable expression in Yugoslavia. In his always developing and continuous body of work he has adopted several different concepts of artistic production using various artistic media such as photography, painting, graphics, cartoons, performance, assemblages and object art (installations). Since 1967 Stane Jagodič is using photography and some of its creative derivates like photomontage and photo collage that are assumed as the most significant in his artistic production. His specific production denoted a huge leap forward within the specific practices of art photography in local and regional cultural milieu as an opposition to the mainstream. Stane Jagodič was co-founder and conceptual leader of Grupa Junij, active between 1970 and 1985, broad artistic platform that included number of prominent local and international artists. As an independent artist Stane Jagodič participated on more than 50 solo and more than 200 group exhibitions worldwide.

Selected solo exhibitions:

2009: Synagogue, Kunstverein Oerlinghausen, Germany
2009: Panta rhei, Gallery of Contemporary Art Celje, Slovenia
2008: Zoo Poetics (1963 – 2008), Jakopič Gallery, MGML Ljubljana, Slovenia
2008: X-Ray Art, Photon Gallery Ljubljana, Slovenia
2006: International Comic Festival Amadora, Portugal
2002: The Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljana, Slovenia
1999: Photomontages, Maison Robert Doisneau, Paris-Gentilly, France
1999: Historischer Rathaussaal, Burglengenfeld, Germany
1999: Technicus Poeticus, Architecture Museum of Ljubljana, Slovenia
1997: The Worshiper of Light, Silver and Rust, Korotan Cultural Centre, Vienna, Austria
1997: Painting retrospective exhibition, NLB Gallery Ljubljana, Slovenia
1989: Good Morning, Mr. Orwell!, Photogallery Novo Mesto, Yugoslavia / Slovenia
1986: Small Fine Art Salon, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia / Serbia
1984: Becić Gallery, Slavonski Brod, Yugoslavia / Croatia
1983: Society of Slovenian Fine Artists, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia / Slovenia
1982: Dom omladine Beograd, Yugoslavia / Serbia
1980: Dušan Kveder Pavillion, Ptuj, Yugoslavia / Slovenia
1979: Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, Yugoslavia / Macedonia
1979: Abstract Visions, Emona Gates Gallery, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia / Slovenia
1979: Idrija Gallery, Idrija, Yugoslavia / Slovenia
1975: Overview Exhibition, City Gallery Ljubljana, Yugoslavia / Slovenia
1974: Pavillion international de l’humour, Montreal, Canada
1973: Museum of Revolution Celje, Yugoslavia / Slovenia

Selected group exhibitions:

2011: X – Ray Man, Nessim Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2010: 38. World Gallery of Art on Paper, Skopje, Macedonia
2010: Inventions / Golden Smile, Nikola Tesla Centre Beograd, Serbia
2009: Lota poetica, Fundazione Berardelli, Brescia, Italy
2008: Multimeridijan, Old Print-house, Pula, Croatia
2007: Games of Chance, Cultural Centre Kruševac, Serbia
2006: Artcolle – Musee art du collage assemblage, Paris, France
2005: Karikaturum, Sugut Fine Art Museum, Sugut, Russia
2004: Zehn Neue für Europa, Bielfeld, Germany
2003: Road and Travel, Teheran, Iran
2003: Art Addiction, Stockholm, Sweden
2001: Corpus del Akti III, Cankarjev dom Ljubljana, Slovenia
2000: Corpus del Akti II, Cankarjev dom Ljubljana, Slovenia
1999: Corpus del Akti I, MGLC Ljubljana, Slovenia
1998: Body Icons, Skopelos, Greece
1996: Graphic Art, Stockholm, Sweden
1996: Fax Art, Caracas, Venezuela
1996: Iconographies of the Contemporary Satire, Lisboa, Portugal
1992: Pogledi na novejšo slovensko arhitekturo in oblikovanje, Arhitekturni muzej Ljubljana, Slovenia
1989: Fotozart 89, Wojewodsky dom kultury, Legnica, Poland
1988: Ciseaux-Graphies, Palais Rihour, Lille, France
1988: Mois de la Photo, Collection internationale Junij, Center culturel Yugoslave, Paris, France
1987: AIDS and Paradise, SPC Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia / Serbia
1986: International Biennial of Illustrations, Tokyo, Japan
1986: Fotozart 86, Wojewodsky dom kultury, Legnica, Poland
1986: Projeto Vermelho / Progetto Rosso, Museo de arte Brasileira, Sao Paolo, Brasil
1985: Humorfoto 85, Knokke-Heist, Belgium
1984: Development of Slovene Photography, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia / Slovenia
1984: Note d’acqua, Biblioteca Comunale, Monte Argentario, Italy
1983: Combined Photography, Koper, Yugoslavia / Slovenia
1983: Humorfoto, Photography Salon, Belgrade, Yugoslavia / Serbia
1983: Visual Messages 1981 – 1983, Rihard Jakopič Gallery, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia / Slovenia
1982: Photography – Graphic Art, Photo Gallery Novi Sad, Yugoslavia / Serbia
1981: Small Prints, Youth Exhibition Hall, Maribor, Yugoslavia / Slovenia
1981: Presented Works, Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, Yugoslavia / Macedonia
1979: Slovene Visual Art 1945 – 1978, Jakopič Gallery, Ljubljana, Yugoslavia / Slovenia
1979: Themes and Functions of Photography Medium, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Yugoslavia / Serbia
1979: The Presence of Photography in Contemporary Art, House of Culture, Banja Luka, Yugoslavia / Bosnia and Herzegovina
1978: Westeast – Exhibition of Concrete Poetry, Prešeren Gallery, Kranj, Yugoslavia / Slovenia
1978: Ibizagraphic, Museo de arte contemporaneo de Ibiza, Spain
1977: 5th Triennal of Yugoslav Visual Art, Belgrade, Yugoslavia / Serbia
1977: The Arts towards Year 2000, State Academy of Fine Arts, Istanbul, Turkey
1976: Fantastic Photography in Europe, The Canon Photo Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (also exhibited in Arles, Milano, Haarlem, Madrid, Stockholm, Barcelona, Brussels, Vilnuis, Kassel, Boston and Mexico City)
1976: Biennale Intart, Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt, Austria (also exhibited in Udine and Ljubljana)
1975: 2nd Triennial of Yugoslavian Graphic Art, Bitola, Yugoslavia / Macedonia
1975: Committed Figuration, Art Pavilion, Slovenj Gradec, Yugoslavia / Slovenia
1974: If 74 / Exhibition of Photography, MMSU Rijeka, Yugoslavia / Croatia
1974: 2. Salon international d’art photographique, Salle des fetes, Montesson, France
1974: Onzieme salon international de la caricature, Montreal, Canada
1973: New Photography: Visions and Trends, Rotovž, Maribor, Yugoslavia / Slovenia (also exhibited in Zagreb, Beograd and Ljubljana)
1972: The World in which We Live, JNA Gallery, Belgrade, Yugoslavia / Serbia
1972: Europicamera, International foto-en diafestival, Ieper, Belguium
1972: VII. Miedzynarodowy Salon Fotografii Artystycznej, Katowice, Poland

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