26 – 29 September 2019

This year Photon Gallery is again participating at the international art fair Vienna Contemporary. The fair, which focuses on presenting works from the contemporary art scene of Central Europe, can boast with a selection of more than 100 exhibiting galleries from 25 countries. We kindly invite you to visit our booth at the exhibition space of the fair located at Marx Halle.


Vanja Bučan, Sequences of Truth and Deception, 2015-2019

Vanja Bučan, Sequences of Truth and Deception, 2015-2019

Vanja Bučan

Vanja Bučan is an internationally renowned Slovenian photographer, who lives and works in Berlin. She graduated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague at the department of documentary photography, however, she distanced herself from the documentary genre during her studies, and focused on staged photography instead. Before becoming a professional photographer, she studied sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, and actively took part in environmental activism, which is evident conceptually in her artistic oeuvre. She views photography as an open medium, a realm where she can freely express her views and critique of society. In her signature artistic style, she alters her own photographs and places them in staged compositions in order to achieve deconstructed and multifaceted realities that generate a visually rich expression, which verges on fiction. Photon Gallery is exhibiting her works from the series Looking for Sadiq and Sequences of Truth and Deception at the fair.


Bálint Szombathy, Motion pictures, Telephotographs, 1980-82

Bálint Szombathy

Bálint Szombathy, a conceptual artist born in Vojvodina in the former Yugoslavia (1950), is one of the key names of the former Yugoslav as well as Hungarian art. His practice included a wide range of artistic activities, from visual poetry, processual art, land art, and performance, to conceptual art. Quite early on, he drew attention to his performances, such as The Trails (Subotica, 1970), or the photo performance Bauhaus (Novi Sad, 1971), while becoming particularly renowned for addressing the topic of socialist reality in projects such as Lenin in Budapest(1972), when after the end of the May Day celebrations, he provocatively carried Lenin’s portrait along the streets of the Hungarian capital. In 1969, he and Slavko Matković founded the Bosch + Bosch group, which represented a platform of neo-avant-garde artists from Vojvodina, Serbia, and Hungary. Photon Gallery is exhibiting his works from the series Motion – pictures. Telephotographs, 1980-82 at the fair.


Peter Koštrun, Premonition, 2016

Peter Koštrun

Peter Koštrun (1979, Ljubljana) is one of the most prominent Slovenian photographers of the younger generation. He is currently teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where he also graduated in 2007. As the Photography course leader, he dedicated his teaching to the development of the field and furthering its place in the wider academic context. He has been exhibiting at home as well as abroad since 2003. Koštrun is a master of landscape photography know for his depiction of empty and deserted landscapes as well as his refined selection of framing and light. He is less interested in the documentary dimension of the land as he approaches the genre conceptually. His works contain a subtle atmosphere that evokes a feeling of something grater or even immortal. Photon Gallery is exhibiting his works from the series Premonition at the fair.


Photon Gallery was founded in 2003 to present and promote photo artists from the CEE region and beyond. Since then it regularly showcases works by established artists as well as young emerging photographers. It also organizes a contemporary photography festival called Photonic Moments – Month of Photography in Ljubljana. Dedicated to the medium, it remains a leader in the presentation of photography in all its forms, and functions as a center for contemporary photography in Slovenia.