Video Evening Screening
Thursday, 27 Juni 2019
Photon Gallery Wien

This video evening screening unites different positions of thirteen Austrian women artists who include the media video in their artistic expression and reflections.
United by the thread of a female narration, the video pieces show diverse artistic issues and articulations, not only through the method of creation. From performative video pieces through animation and immersive setups, the works reveal mesmerizing artistic manifestations from women’s perspectives.

Participating artists: Ingrid Gaier, Isa Stein, Christina Werner, Petra Buchegger, Bernadette Huber, Veronika Burger, Eliane Huber Irikawa, Uli Aigner, Katrin Plavčak and Johanna Kirsch, Sabine Groschup, Sheida Samyi, Carola Dertnig

Curated by Evelin Stermitz