Peter Koštrun

Peter Koštrun (1979, Ljubljana, Slovenia) graduated from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where he currently teaches at the Department of Photography. He has been exhibiting at home as well as abroad since 2003. Koštrun is a master of landscape photography known for his depiction of empty and deserted landscapes as well as his refined selection of framing and light. He is less interested in the documentary dimension of the land as he approaches the genre conceptually. His works contain a subtle atmosphere that evokes a feeling of something greateror even immortal. He lives and works in Brnica near Celje.

Recent solo exhibitions include Moments, Mottard & Jenray, Liège (2012) in Belgium; The Time is Now, Photo Gallery Lang, Samobor in Crotatia (2012), Singularity, Photon Gallery in Vienna, Austra (2014) and Premonition, Center for Contemporary Arts Celje, Slovenia (2016). Koštrun has shown his work in many group exhibitions at home and abroad, including Almost Spring, 100 Years of Slovene Art at the Maribor Art Gallery (2012), as well as in one of the most important exhibitions of contemporary landscape photography, Sense of Place at the Bozar Expo in Brussels (2012), and the exhibition Land / City / Real / Imagined  at Diemar / Noble Gallery in London (2011). His most recent exhibitions are After all, Cellar Gallery, Kraków, Poland (2016) and Premonition, Photon Gallery Vienna, Austria (2019)Koštrun’s works can be found in the Essl collection in Vienna and in the collection of the Cabinet of Slovenian Photography in the Museum of Gorenjska in Kranj.



Sense of Place. European Landscape Photography


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