Branko Lenart

Branko Lenart (1948, Slovenia) was born in former Yugoslavia and later migrated to neighbouring Austria with his family at 6 years of age. He studied pedagogy in Graz. In 1968 he became a member of the avant-garde art society Forum Stadtpark, that later grew into Camera Austria. He thought photography at the College of Art and Design (1979 – 2007) and the Technical College Joanneum (1996 – 2003) in Graz.

Lenart is an internationally renowned photographer, who has widely travelled across the world ever since his youth. He attended various artist residencies like Apeiron Workshops in Millerton, New York, La Rochelle in Arles, France, and others in Oxford, Rome, Paris and London. His oeuvre sits between documentary and conceptual art photography. He dedicated his attention to the margins of society, be it the members of urban counter-cultures at the time or to the social conditions in the country and the peripheries. This genre of photography became to be known as “subjective topography”.


Selected solo exhibitions:

2018: Styrians in BIG SUR REAL, FotoForum West, Innsbruck, Germany
2108: Hand:Work, Museum of Perception, Graz; Austria.
2018: Krkavče Istria.Terra, Comunità degli Italiani, PhotoDays Rovinj, Croatia.
2018: BIG SUR REAL, Galerija Photon, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2017: BIG SUR REAL, Photon Gallery Vienna, Vienna, Austria.
2016: Photo Magic (with G. Kerekes & S. Jagodič), Slocvenski etnografski muzej, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2015: Photo Magic (with G. Kerekes & S. Jagodič), Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna, Austria.
2013: Tito.Che.Icons, National Museum of Montenegro, Cetinje, Montenegro.
2013: Trieste Minoranze & Risiera di S. Sabba, Volkshaus, Graz, Austria.
2012: Krkavče Istria.Terra, Pavel Haus, Laafeld bei Bad Radkersburg, Austria.
2011 Hand:Work 1975 – 2010, Galeria Inés Barrenechea, Madrid, Spain.


Selected group exhibitions:

2019: Hand:Work, sejem Paris Photo, Paris, France.
2018: Österreich.Fotografie 1970 – 2000, Museum der Moderne, Salzburg, Austria.
2018: Paradies, Reinisch Contemporary, Graz, Austria.
2018:  Hand:Work, sejem Photo Basel, Basel, Switzerland.
2017: Österreich Fotografie 1970 – 2000, Albertina, Vienna, Austria.
2017: Foto Graz Selection II, Österr. Kulturforum Zagreb, Croatia.
2016: GREMO NAPREJ! Slovenska fotografija 1990-2015, Mestna galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
2015: Die Steiermark und der Große Krieg, Museum im Palais, Graz, Austria.
2015: La natura morta nella fotografia contemporanea, Foto-Forum, Bolzano, Italy.

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