Alexander Valchev

Alexander Valchev (1973, Sofia, Bulgaria) completed an MA in Sculpture at the National Academy of Arts Sofia (1998). Working with various media like sculpture, painting, spatial installations and photography, his work has been included in various exhibitions in the last 10 years and published in many newspapers and magazines like 39 Grams (Art Newspaper)AlphabetCulture Art NewspaperTema MagazineSedmichen Trud and Standard and Art in Bulgaria. He lives and works in Sofia.

It is possible to discern a distinct conceptual approach to photography in his series like Reminiscences, We Love the Dogs and the Dogs Love Us, Six Degrees of Separation or For a Few Dollars More. All feature people from the artist’s personal friendship group or from his work and social environments. With his photography oeuvre, Valchev thus expresses a distinct style of conceptual portrait photography.

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