Guided tour and discussion

Friday, 29 January 2016 at 6 pm


On Friday, 29 January from 6 pm the guided tour and discussion with the curators of the project will take place at Photon Gallery.

The Red Poppy Fields public event will introduce in-depth reflection on the notion of so called great war from contemporary perspective. Number of artists, photographers and experts will question following issues: How do people nowadays perceive the turbulent events a century ago? How do artists deal with the memory and past? What could be learned from the history that – it seems – commonly repeats itself?

The Red Poppy Fields project reflects on turbulent European history and causal relationship between ideology and economy, between politics and war. Through exhibitions and discursive events it examines the causes and consequences for/of the World War I and its broader social, political, economic and cultural implications. Focusing particularly on the photography and moving image it confronts different views of these historical events and draw parallels between the past and the present. The project brings together partners from Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, however, the participants of the project address these phenomena from the broader all-European perspective.

The exhibition is open until 13 February 2016.