Rekanović / Miesgang

White contains all colors

Žarko Aleksić, blemija borovic, Olesya Kleymenova, Elena Kristofor, Christopher Mavrič, Ernst Miesgang, Dino Rekanović, Anna Vasof
Opening: 11 May 2018
11 May - 23 June 2018


In this group exhibition, in which alienation is a central term, eight artists who live in Vienna approach this concept in diverse manners with their pieces. Through their work, our society’s interactions and differences are deconstructed and partially brought to a layer, which practically indicates no differences.

We are being shown various approaches to this topic. Depictions are being questioned, which we often take for granted in everyday life, such that they seem inviolable. Society and its power relations, the way we know them today, were constructed via political and capitalistic markets of history. The accumulated reserves of a certain few, mainly effected via colonialism and slavery, have alienated the majority of people from their products.
Despite its not insignificant age, Marx's’societal criticism has not at all lost its actuality.

In this exhibition, the artists draw on both old photography techniques as well as on video and spatial installations.

Curators: Dino Rekanović, blemija borovic

Photos from the opening