Metka Zupanič: Re-Destruktion

Opening: Friday, 1 March 2019, at 7 pm
1 – 20 March 2019


Reflections on the repeated resurgence of militarism, especially when remembering the two great wars that marked the past century, initiated the exhibition project entitled RE-DESTRUCTION. As the world powers incessantly compete, who will produce "smarter" and stronger killer weapons, we are still witnessing today new war strategies, despite the conjuration "never again". Meanwhile, local and regional wars became a constant feature in the media, creating alongside economic and environmental problems anxiety and fear also in the present day. Zupanič draws from a set of documentary photographs and takes selected images out of the existing contexts, repositioning them into a minimalist black-and-white world, and assembling them into new expressive compositions by using the collage technique. The exhibition presents a series of collages, which addresses day-to-day violence and the increasing militancy of the modern world.

Metka Zupanič is an established Slovenian artist, who is predominantly interested in the ongoing issues of contemporary society. In previous projects, for example, she dealt with feelings of fear experienced by an individual in the present-day illusionary freedom (Anti – Global?, 2013), with stories of labour migrants (Looking for a Better World, 2015), and the issue of omnipresent control systems (On Your Face, 2016). In recent years, she has been thematising the recurring existence of obsessive militancy (And Here We Are, 2017).