Made in China: Successes And Failures

Performance Made in China: What You Buy is What You Get
Opening Reception + Performance: Thursday, May 16, 2019 | 7 - 10 pm
16.5. – 28. 6. 2019

Finnissage: June 28, 2019 (details of Finnisage Performance to be announced later)


You are cordially invited to attend the opening of the Made in China: Successes And Failures exhibition. The Slovene Made in China project will showcase its work from the past couple of years and put on a performative event: Made in China: What You Buy is What You Get.

The Made in China: Successes And Failures exhibition will feature artwork by numerous contemporary and internationally acclaimed visual artists, who relied on the art medium of the multiple to conceptualize and create the work. The Made in China art project, collaborating with carefully chosen artists, has been producing multiples for a number of years now. The authors of the project see these small works of art and serialized objects, which are affordable and similar to other consumer projects, while at the same time being totally different, as the ideal medium for fostering communication between artists and their work and today's consumer-oriented society and individuals. Art and the multiples, an eclectic collection of objects from minds full of unbridled imagination, are sent into the world through more or less standardized and uniform offers and sales experiences. There they lie and wait for the consumers to give preference to a piece of art when making their purchase, thereby choosing art as a kind of attitude, instead of identifying with the dominant ideology of uniform consumerism.

In addition to the art multiples, the exhibition will also present past Made in China projects. The Made in China team centers these projects around the multiple, seeing it as a tool for creating performances, events, gallery installations, exhibitions and interventions in the public and economic spheres. The Made in China art projects reflect the state of our contemporary consumerist society. They poetically and realistically intervene and disrupt everyday humdrum and dominant discourse, which is mostly standardized and dependant on profit.

The opening will be accompanied by the Made in China: What You Buy is What You Get performance at the Photon Gallery. The performative event will appropriate the promotional and sales strategies cherished by consumerism, presenting the sale as a poetic act, a sublime experience involving the exchange of goods and services for currency and built around the seller-author-buyer relationship.

The Made in China project, like the exhibited project at the Photon Gallery and the accompanying performative events, probe the communicative and discourse potential of art, introducing novel and effective production methods and strategies for passing on the art to the public within the specific context of our time.

Project authors:
Viktor Bernik, Žiga Kariž, Jara Vogrič
Collaboration on performances: Dražen Dragojevič
Designer: Marko Damiš

Participating artists:
Jože Barši, Viktor Bernik, Gašper Kunšič, Colette Lumiere, Conny Blom, Vasja Cenčič, Lada Cerar, Jasmina Cibic, Ksenija Čerče, Vuk Čosić, Marko Damiš, Matej Andraž Vogrinčič, Boštjan Drinovec, Vadim Fiškin, Ištvan Išt Huzjan, Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Žiga Kariž, Dalea Kovačec, Borut Krajnc, Zmago Lenardič, Laibach, Alen Ožbolt, Made in China, Steven Maybury, Arjan Pregl, Sašo Sedlaček, Nina Slejko, Blom, Small But Dangers, son:DA, Helena Tahir, Benedikt Terwiel, Veli&Amos, Jara Vogrič, Matej Andraž Vogrinčič, Sašo Vrabič

The exhibition will also feature photographic editions and artist's books from artists selected by the Photon Gallery:
Anna Fabricius, Peter Koštrun, Marko Lipuš, Eva Petrič