LAIBACH FOCUS – touring of the exhibition

November 2004 - December 2006

Laibach is the most mistified, mostly prohibited, most provocatively and is in the world today undoubtedly the most famous Slovenian art-music group.

"Laibach appeared to the Slovenian or. Yugoslavian punk movement. The result Laibach imaging Communist the transvestite Nazi symbolism was that the former Yugoslav authorities launched a campaign against Laibach, that it is a force that triggers violence and destruction. You could say that instead of direct subversion Laibach out verbatim repetition of totalitarian rituals ... " (Marina Gržinić)

There are also presented various photographic materials, especially concert recordings, as well as "private" scenes, recordings of the members of Laibach and NSK.

Contributing authors: Antonio ŽIVKOVIČ, Jože SUHADOLNIK, Božidar DOLENC, Jane ŠTRAVS, Aleksander REMEC, Diego A. GOMEZ, Vojko FLEGAR, Bojan SALAJ, Janez PELKO, Igor ŠKAFAR, Igor MODIC, MatejDRUŽNIK and Aleš SERAJNIK.

The exhibition catalog of exhibited material and accompanying texts (Dr. copywriters. Gržinić Marina et al. Alexei Monroe) in two languages (ENG / England).

Exhibition Laibach - Focus of five weeks was on display during the 18th September and 10 November 2004. The exhibition has been prepared in consultation with the Festival Ljubljana Castle at (gallery S), with some also in Photon gallery at Slovenska 14 St. in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Touring of the exhibition in Europe:

Akademie der Atelier, Vienna, Austria, November 2004
Galerija Forum, Zagreb, Croatia,  19 January 2005 (opening)
Galerija SKC, Beograd, Serbia, 17 December 2005 (opening)
ArtiKraak, Haag, Nederlands, 9 December 2006 - 23 December 2006