15.4.2014 - 2.8. 2014
The Perspectives of the City exhibition presents a selection of Slovenian artists who address certain phenomena of contemporary urban milieus through photography and video - their preferred mediums for their creative processes in the field of contemporary visual art. The curatorial team’s theme was to take different viewpoints on the roles and meanings of urban spaces in a broader anthropological sense, yet without avoiding specific iconographic contexts that consider both a temporal and ideological embeddednessThe photographic images in the exhibition transport us through the various architectonic and urban strata of a particular city (Ljubljana), whilst the video works confront us with issues posed (in particular) by the residents of Central European cities, with their specific histories, cultures and traditions. Last, but not least, the project draws attention to certain authorial positions from which the selected artists - mainly of the middle generation - work. The video artists were selected by Vesna Bukovec and Metka Zupančič, whilst the photo section was curated by Dejan Sluga.
Participating artists: Bojan Salaj, Branko Cvetkovič, Tomaž Gregorič, Tanja Lažetić and Dejan Habicht, ZmagoLenardič and Jasna Hribernik, KOLEKTIVA (Vesna Bukovec, Lada Cerar, Metka Zupanič), Polonca Lovšin, Anja Medved.