The historical Amber Road from the time of the Roman Empire led from Russia to Italy. FLUSS Association has invited photo/media artists from countries along this antique road to realize a work about the contemporary issues and problems of trade, traffic and transport in a globalized world. The exhibition presents a contemporary contribution to these topics, with works / projects referring to specific historical context.

Outside the Roman Empire there were few trade routes since ancient times, across which amber came in the Alps and into Italy. One of the most important led from St. Petersburg to Aquileia, on the (current) countries, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy.

The Amber Road project was conceived in 2013 by the FLUSS Association and Martin Breindl as main curator. It was part of a broader cultural topic of Wolkersdorf Kultur entitled „Straßengeschichte(n) – Handelswege quer durch Europa“ [Street (hi)stories – routes of trade throughout Europe], exploring the historical, social and economical aspects of traffic, trade and commerce.

Artists: Kaja Brezočnik (SI), Mindaugas Kavaliauskas (LT), Gábor Arion Kudász (HUN), Harijs Daina Liepiņš (LV), Anna Orłowska (POL), Viola Pinzi (ITA), Ernest Pointner (AUT), Birgit Püve (EST), Alexey Tikhonov (RUS), Aleksandra Vajd & Hynek Alt (CZ).


Additional opening in AnkerBrotFabrik on January 15: Loft 8 presents the Travel Agency project by Pawel Mendrek, Malgorzata Szandala, Ewa Zasada!