20 February – 27 March 2015
Malešević’s photographs represent a unique intimate visual diary. On the associative level the artist connects what he observes and what he (sometimes apocalyptically) imagines, while the gap between these, between the seen and the idealised, constitute a space of artist’s pleasure. The photograph thus becomes a stage where at any moment something can happen unexpectedly. It is the cinematographic quality of the scene/sight that matters to Malešević when taking a photo. Moreover, it is not its relation with the truth, and quite often it is as if the selected frames do not belong to reality or as if they appear as a space in which one can imagine the sequences of a film taking place. Or even more accurate, he creates a poetic narrative of what changes and does not stop changing, a testimony within the reach of the elusive. Nenad Malešević obviously shares the same conviction as he attempts to preserve and perpetuate the present moment, in order to turn it into duration, as if by magic. The exhibition showcases works from the A Time of Renewal, For Goethe’s Eyes, Donau and Die Pflanzen series of photographs.