Opening: 8 June at 7 pm

From June 9 until June 28, 2016, Photon Gallery in Vienna will be premiering the series Babica by photo artist Marko Lipuš.

Marko Lipuš, born in 1974, set out with his camera to trace the footsteps of his grandmother (Babica in Slovenian), a Carinthian Slovenian who was deported to the Ravensbrück concentration camp and murdered there in 1945 by the Nazis. In four chapters, the artist photographically explores the surfaces of the physical structures on the former concentration camp’s premises, objects (cups) from everyday life in the camp, the scene of the crime itself, and his father´s skin.

Marko Lipuš adapted the images using various techniques ― and also, for the first time ever, with direct interventions on the printed image itself. Babica represents the beginning of a new aesthetic and a new materiality of the artist´s photographic works, which go beyond his previous technique of scratching (already successfully presented in his series “Scratchings blue” and the “Verfotografierungen – 31 Authors´ Portraits”), making way for new photographic forms of expression.

Marko Lipuš´ central theme is a disengagement from pure depiction with a camera, and the creation of innovative content, aesthetics, and moods by way of this liberation. Photon Gallery in Vienna will show excerpts from all four chapters of the series Babica.

The book about the project Babica will be published in May 2016 by Residenz Verlag.

As part of the ViennaPhotoBookFestival there will be a book presentation on June 11 at 3 pm, an hour later, at 4 pm Marko Lipuš will be signing the books.

Exhibition period: 8 June – 28 June 2016!