Part two: Slovenia and Austria

The exhibition is postponed to 28 September to 15 November at the Galerie am Flughafen in Graz.

Opening: Wednesday, March 25, at the Fotogalerie im Rathaus, Graz.

In the project Concrete Dreams we explore the heritage of industrial architecture, as it has been conveyed through the photographic and video media. Four participating artists from Austria and Slovenia reflect on the past through the material remains of selected industrial locations, thus touching on issues of personal and collective memories.

The project Concrete Dreams has been set out with broader and long-term objectives. In the first part of the project we have invited and selected only Slovenian artists. This “introductory” exhibition is now being followed by the collaboration of Slovenian and Austrian partners and artists who have in the recent years created notable works or projects dealing with industrial heritage. The final phase, on a larger international scale, with the involvement of foreign partners from the region, will be realised in the context of thematical focus of 9. photo biennial Photonic Moments in Ljubljana.

Participating artists: Christoph Grill, Birgit Maier (AUT) und Borut Peterlin, Antonio Živkovič (SLO).

Birgit Maier, Glück auf Anfang, 2017