The artists participating in the Different World 2021 exhibition have kindly agreed to donate their works in support of the Ukraine crisis. 100% of the proceeds will go to charities working with Ukrainian refugees.

Vincent Forstenlechner, a finalist of Different Worlds 2021, has been working closely with Dora Denerak’s Self-organized Fund (@youngdenerak). This is a hands-on small-scale operation that provides direct aid with transport to and from the Ukrainian border. The donations go immediately to the drivers and people responsible for the transport. The group is based in Vienna, and we believe it can really make a difference. A few other aid organizations you should consider are Mission Lifeline, Volkshilfe Wien, Nachbar in Not and Caritas.

The starting bid for all works is €100.

If you would like to purchase any of the works, you can place a bid by writing to, or DM-ing us on Instagram and Facebook.

If you are interested in any other works for purchase please let us know.